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Nebula shines bright for Glory Star

JULY 2021

Integrated Systems Europe

Glory Star’s Nebula total kiosk solution tablets have been updated to include licence-free kiosk lockdown software and remote control of the tablets.

The 10in, 15.6in and 21.5in models can meet multiple needs by plugging in accessory attachments such as RFID readers, magnetic stripe readers and barcode scanners. This enables flexibility for rigorous commercial and public use in areas including fitness consoles, system terminals, retail e-catalogue, employee access control, corporate check-in, restaurant self-ordering, hotel check-in and more.

Pre-installed in all Nebula tablets is the free kiosk lockdown app Staros, which ensures a secure and stable touchscreen in business environments by allowing users to lockdown websites in full screen mode, auto start videos, web pages and apps, and prevent unwanted third parties from accessing the Android 7.1 and 9.0 operating systems.

Glory Star has also developed a new infrared contactless temperature sensor/detector to ensure that people who access a property are not running a high temperature. It provides alerts when a person has a high temperature.

Also developed in response to recent events, the Epsilon Fitness Mirror is an easy to access device dedicated to streaming fitness content, with data storing capabilities to track progress and personal fitness goals. It enables fitness companies to offer virtual classes while keeping overheads down. The trainer can see the user and help with tips and encouragement, while the small footprint and elegant design means it fits comfortably into any room in the house, taking up less floor space than a stationary bike.

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