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A Powerful Yet Simple Exercise Guidance Platform for Unsupervised Facilities Alike

Aktiv provides a turnkey boutique fitness studio solution designed by the experts at Aktiv. They’ve optimized the training space footprint to include digital programming, tailored equipment and sport flooring for a stylized fitness experience for facilities of all types.

To design the world’s most energizing exercise space and to deliver easy to follow sequential or on demand style workouts for fitness facilities of all types and sizes. Aktiv was looking for a solution to optimize the exercise space with easy-to-follow interactive tutorial videos that can be mounted on the Gym Rax to create a total exercise kiosk solution. It would embed as an on-demand solution for self-guided training sessions. In order to do this Aktiv needed a commercial grade tablet that is durable and can display their library of content on the tablet seamlessly and with stability with remote control to those contents.


Glory Star suggested the 21.5inch Nebula Commercial Tablet that comes with a VESA mounting capability to mount on the Gym Rax to power personal training sessions on demand. STAROS, the license free kiosk lockdown app, was used to lock down Aktiv’s interactive exercise content library, creating a touch screen experience that members control and can choose from a library of workouts every visit.

Star Control was also used by Aktiv to remotely manage all the tablets implemented across the globe to update browsers and to check the status of the devices.

The benefits:

● Created an exercise space with interactive self-guided training sessions on demand.
● Users are able to select which personal training sessions they would like to watch and follow.
● Ease of deployment and scalability - with the Star Control MDM Platform, it can be deployed on the same platform and at Aktiv’s own speed.
● License free Staros was able to easily lock down Aktiv’s html contents and prevent third parties from accessing other contents unrelated.
● A touch screen experience that members can control and choose from a library of workouts every visit. Creating training pods for open use or by reservation.
● An Interactive, safe & connected experience
● A limitless workout builder and scheduler to demonstrate any genre or skill progression
● Users are able to select through the touch screen a deep and rich library ensuring correct form guidance and safety.
● Ease of deployment

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